Hanaton does its best to give you perfect quality, but the discs are quite fragile and can be damaged during manufacture, storage and shipping. To clarify the extent of these in advance, please read our quality standards:


Scratches or permanent dirt on the stamper can cause scratches, but such damage can also occur when handling and storing the plates. If the scratches do not affect the sound quality, shorter than 20 mm and narrower than 0.5 mm, it is not considered a defect.


High internal stresses in the records or long-term improper storage may cause the plates to warp. Such distortions must not exceed 2 mm in the case of both plate scattering and proper splitting. If more than one color is used for the vinyl records, they might be warped due to the different properties of the materials.


Stains may appear on the base color of the disc due to different material quality and dirt caused by extraneous ingredients, most often black material. If the color of the stain differs significantly from the color of the plate, it must not exceed 0.5% of the total surface area. If the stain is similar in color to the plate, it should not exceed 1% of the total area.

Label defects

The label may move up to 2 mm from the center of the disc during pressing.

Labels should be dried at high temperatures to avoid blistering during pressing. Although the toner is special and the paper is protected by a heat-resistant varnish, the color of the paper or print may change.

Labels may crack when pressed. If the texts remain legible from the hairline cracks, it is not considered a defect.

If the labels do not dry properly or the stamper heats up, the paper may blister. These defects, in addition to the central ring, must not exceed 10% of the total surface of the label.

The movement of the disc support pin around the center may cause the labels to tear. The tear must not be greater than 5 mm.

Overheating can cause the labels to stick and tear on the platen. If the tear does not affect the readability and does not exceed 15 mm2, this is not considered a defect.

During compression, the plastic granulate can get on the label and leave a stain. Stains should not exceed 5% of the total label area. This can happen especially on discs made with splatter technology.

Defective pins handling the discs and improper handling can scratch the labels. If the top surface of the label is not torn and the scratch is not longer than 20 mm, this is not considered a defect.

Splatter effects

We cannot influence the direction and exact amount of paint splashing on the plates, so we cannot guarantee this. Improper color combinations cannot be subject to claim.