Vinyl revolutionaries

For a long time, we were dealing with the idea of how we could serve the increased domestic demand for vinyl records at the highest possible level.

In recent years, the demand for vinyl records has increased worldwide. The members of our team are musicians, concert organizers, and band managers who have experienced firsthand the challenges that Hungarian bands face when releasing a vinyl record. We come from the DIY underground scene. This is our heart! We understand the challenges a band faces when they want to make a record.

Our main mission is to help independent Hungarian artists, bands and publishers release their records. Small amount of printing with a short deadline, favorable price, high quality. And Hanaton Music takes care of your record, from mastering to production to distribution.


Love, dedication, expertise!

Vinyl records can be made by cutting and pressing. Several domestic companies deal with sheet metal cutting, and they produce high-quality products at a good price. We decided in favor of pressing, partially filling the void left in the domestic record production after the closure of the Dorog record factory.

When pressing the plates, we use the traditional production method, the XXI. using the achievements of 20th century technology. This is how we can keep our prices low and speed up the production process so that our plates represent the best possible quality.

We develop our machines in-house in close cooperation with international players in the industry.

We are developing a Hungarian press together with Austrian, Swedish, Swiss and Italian companies. The selfless help of the big guns of the profession and their many decades of professional background guarantee that our machines can serve the domestic music industry in the most efficient way and with quality in mind.